Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Key Papers in Climate Modeling History

A first pass at a greatest hits list; updates will not necessarily be noted as such. I had a request for key papers in the history of modeling so the emphasis leans that way. Nominations welcome.

Charney, Fjortofft & von Neumann 1950: Numerical integration of the barotropic vorticity equation, Tellus 2:237-254

Lorenz 1963: Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow J. Atmos. Sci 20:130-141

Lorenz 1967: The nature and theory of the general circulation of the atmosphere. WMO.

Manabe & Bryan 1969: Climate calculations with a combined ocean-atmosphere model.

Bryan & Cox 1972: The circulation of the world ocean: a numerical study. Part I, a homogeneous model J Phys Oceanog
Arakawa & Lamb 1977: Computational Design of the basic processes of the UCLA general circulation model. Methods in Computational Physics 17:173-265

Charney et al 1979: Ad Hoc Study Group on Carbon Dioxide and Climate.

Manabe & Stouffer 1988: Two stable equilibria of a coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Ramanathan et al 1985: Trace gas trends and their potential role in climate change. J Geophys Res 90:5547-5566

Cess et al 1990: Intercomparison and interpretation of climate feedback processes in seventeen atmospheric general circulation models

Bryan 1991: Poleward heat transport in the ocean: a reviwe of a hierarchy of models of incerasing resolution. J Phys Oceanog 18:851-867

Cubasch et al 1992: Time-dependent greenhouse warming computations with a coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Hansen et al 1992: Potential climate impact of Mount Pinatubo eruption GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 19, NO. 2, PP. 215-218, 1992

Hasselmann 1997: Multi-pattern fingerprint method for detection and attribution of climate change. Climate Dynamics 13:601-612

Hansen et al 1998: Climate Forings in the Industrial Era. PNAS

Bengtsson 1999: From short-range barotropic modeling to extended-range global weather prediction. Tellus 51 A-B:13-23

Randall 2000: General Circulation Model Development: Past, Present, and Future (International Geophysics) [Hardcover]

Hansen et al 2005: Earth's Energy Imbalance: Confirmation and Implications. Science.

Hack et al 2006: Simulation of the Global Hydrological Cycle in the CCSM Community Atmosphere Model Version 3. J Clim Volume 19, Issue 11 (June 2006)

Schmidt et al 2006: Present-Day Atmospheric Simulations Using GISS ModelE: Comparison to In Situ, Satellite, and Reanalysis Data. J. Climate, 19, 153–192.

Rahmstorf et al 2007: Recent Climate Observations Compared to Predictions. Science 316:709 DOI: 10.1126/science.1136843

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Penguindreams said...

A few suggestions:

Fourier, 1827
Tyndall, 1861
Arrhenius, 1896
Chamberlin, 189xxx
Richardson, 1922

Milankovitch 1941

Manabe and Strickler 1964
Budyko 1969
Sellers 1969

Hasselmann 1976